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Oct 14, 2020  6:15 - 8:15 pm




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6:00-6:15 pm  Meet & Greet

 6:30 pm Opening, Welcome & Thank Yous

 6:45 pm Presentation ONE

 7:15 pm Presentation TWO

 7:45 pm Attendees Intros/Events/Accolades

 7:55pm Closing

Door Prizes Include

$25.00 Ultimate Dining Card

$15.00 Ultimate Dining Card

 $15.00 Ultimate Dining Card


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Why Attend? 

What People Are Saying about BEEniagara & This Event:

Some Comments were:

Emilie D: "Good job on the presentations tonight! and the food was excellent)"

Wilma S"Thank you SO MUCH for all of the efforts to create a wonderful event this week.  It was very well organized and the food was amazing. Joe Fetas went all out, too!  We have lots of new people and the vibe was so upbeat Wednesday night!" 

Pushpa B: "Awesome Carolyn Shannon your organization & making sure every aspect is covered. Joe Feta did an amazing platter, delicious & morish. I learned a few gems of marketing from Sunny Halani & energy conserving from Gary Bellhouse. Carolyn Shannon I salute your hard work and you made everyone feel special about themselves. Great Night!"

Chantal R: "Beautiful presentations last night! And always so much fun to be with with all of you beautiful people. You do amazing work Carolyn Shannon i am so bless to have you on my path BIG HUGS ho ho ha ha ha"

Nancy D: "All the speakers tonight were great. I learned how to Tap my worries away and put good thoughts in its place, I learned how the window film helps companies save on energy cost, also I learned how to save money promoting my business..,,, I won a door prize also.. Thank you for your prays that will be coming my way to help My terminal ill Husband. I have been promoting the Hive today after last night's BZZZZZ i am excited to offer this to people in business.." 

Sunny H: "What an awesome group of people! Amazing networking! It was an honour to share some of my marketing experience with this group. Carolyn Shannon, you're a wonderful queen bee!" 

Gloria M: "We are a BUZZING group of amazing people. THANK YOU Carolyn Shannon for all your creativeness and honey!" 

Nancy B: "A really enjoyable event....what I like about the presentations is that they are not so darned formal...they are presented with humour and casual language so that we feel like we are just in the company of friends.Had a great time this evening, thank you, Carolyn, for all of that hard work that you do in the background. Few appreciate how much is quietly done to organize these events." 

Louise M: "Another wonderful night at the Bee The Buzz network dinner meeting last night.Lots of great people, the speakers were very informative, met new members and lots of laughs and great conversation. Thank you Carolyn for creating such a wonderful group".

Sue Winning: "Thank you again for the great night Carolyn. All your speakers where fantastic and very interesting. Like always, the night was filled with meeting new people and sharing great laughs and a lot of Wooowhoz. Welcome to all the new members that joined last night. You have joined a great group :)"

Your Much Treasured Feedback is what makes Our Hive Empowered & Enriched! This wonderful continuous exchange of heartfelt energy truly "feeds" us ALL.
NOW, in the words of Associate BEE Roxsane Rysdae, "Go Forth & Pollinate!" Love & Light, Carolyn

BEEniagara founded Jan. 1, 2013 by Carolyn Shannon

(Former Chapter Leader of PIC Niagara 2008-2012), Created January 2013

Published by True Emotions Artwork Plus, Niagara, CANADA