Sign in using your email address and password. If you forgot your password, just click the forgot password link in the log-in window.

Click on Blog on the Menu  Bar.

The page that comes up is a way to access all of the blogs, with the latest one posted on the top of the page.

Here you will see just under the tool bar,
All Blog Posts   My Blog   Edit Blog Posts             Add 
Click Add

On this page you will see a small box to post your title of your blog.

Then you will see a text editor.

Can copy html code from source, hit html on right, paste in then hit text editor again to see normally

 When you are finished with your blog scroll all the way done to the end of the page. 

 You will see: Save as draft                                            Preview         Publish Post

If you find the need to save your work then click  Save as draft. to check spelling , etc.

When you are ready to finish the blog you saved click Edit Blog Posts from tool bar above to find a list of blogs saved.

If you want to view your post before you publish it click Preview.

To publish your blog click Publish PostYour first blog has now been published.

If you need help with the Text Editor you can find help below.  With the text editor you can format your blog, add links, pictures, graphics, or attachments

 How to Use the Text Editor

What is a Text Editor? It is the box that appears when you are posting comments, your blog, adding a discussion or sending an email.

The first button is the link button. You highlight the word or phrase in your comment box that you would like to link. Then you click Link. This box  will appear.


In the top line will be the word or phrase that you want to link to. The second line you place the link URL. Click OK and the word, or phrase will be highlighted in the text editor. This provides the link you wanted.

The next button is for posting pictures. You click the link and this box will appear. Here you will browse for pictures that you have on file. You can choose the position that you want your picture to appear in the comment box. Once you have your picture selected click OK and the picture will appear in the text box.

The next button is for the media text box. You click the link and this box will appear Here is where you paste the code for the graphics we all love to use or the code for videos. Once you click OK the graphic or the video will appear in your text editor

The next button is for a text box. If you like to keep your blogs in a file on your computer or paste something from a website, this is the button for you. Click on it and this box  will appear. Here you paste text to remove all formatting. Click OK and your plain text will appear in the Text Editor.

This button is for attaching a file to your comment, blog or email. Click the paperclip and you will see this box.  Here you can browse for any file within the size limits. Once you have downloaded the file, click OK and your file will be attached.


These next group of buttons help you format your comments. To format text, simply highlight the text where you want the formatting to apply and click the appropriate button on the format bar.

 Bold Highlight the word or phrase that you want Bold or choose your entire text then click button above

 Italic  Highlight the word or phrase that you want Italic or choose your entire text then click button above

 Strikethrough Highlight the word of phrase that you want strikethough, click on button above

Underline  Highlight the word or phrase that you want underlined, click on the button above 

 Left justify To align text along the left margin.

 Center justify To align text in center

 Right justify To align text along the right margin

 Block quote To set a quotation off from the main text

 Bulleted list This gives you an option to make a list with bullets only

 Numbered list This gives you the option of making a numbered list.

 After clicking this button you can paste a message with HTML code and it will appear in your comment box without the code

 Blogs and Discussion have a few more options with the editor.  All of the options above are the same with and addition of Visual Mode and Full Screen